We design and supply Venturi Gas Scrubbers, Eductor Venturi Gas Scrubbers, Wet Cyclones, Packed Bed Scrubbers and Cross Flow Scrubbers using conventional tower and packing designs or tailoring new packings, such as BlueFil® structured mesh, to solve difficult problems. We can provide the optimum tower, absorber or distillation column for you. Begg Cousland can design and supply all types of gas scrubbing equipment, either as ‘end-of-pipe’ pollution control or as a gas cleaning stage within a process. Gas scrubbers are all designed to ensure a good contact and mixing between gas and liquid, usually for Absorption, Odour Control or Particulate removal. Desorption and Distillation are also mass transfers done in columns.

Typical applications for Begg Cousland Gas Scrubbers in industry include removal of caustic or acidic products such as hydrochloric acid, ammonia, fluorine and sulphuric acid from process exhaust gases. Removal of these harmful contaminants can lead to a reduction in general air pollution as well as reducing the impact of acid rain.  In the case of extremely harmful emissions, e.g. Chrome VI, we have the most efficient scrubbing technology and equipment for the job.

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