Begg Cousland’s specialization in the fields of wet gas filtration and gas cleaning means it has found many applications with a need for efficient solid/gas removal. Now following original research and development, we offer the brilliantly simple ‘Rotary Brush Scrubbing System’ BECOFLEX. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with a packed bed, atomized spray, or with our high efficiency coalescers and mist eliminators downstream.

The rotary brush scrubber rotates within a conventional volute fan casing. It is irrigated with the desired amount of water or scrubbing reagent. Particles in the dirty exhaust gas are drawn into the unit, impacted at high speed with the spinning fibers and become thoroughly wetted. The effect is that the particles are centrifugally washed off to impact on the wetted casing surface.

The resultant slurry is then propelled to the disengagement pot, falling by gravity to the bottom for settlement and removal. The cleaned gas meanwhile moves upwards towards the top gas exit, usually first passing through a ‘Becoil’ Demisting Unit to remove any entrained liquid droplets.

Odour control and gas scrubbing are ideal uses for ‘Becoflex’ rotary gas scrubber, whether or not there is a need for simultaneous removal of solids (‘Becoflex’ avoids the risk of scrubber packing blocking with solids). It is self-cleaning and brush life is satisfactorily long.

The volute and vessel can be made in most metals and plastics.

The brush fibres are available in PP and PVDF

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