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Farinex™ ingredients have been developed to give a unique advantage to long life and frozen noodle quality in terms of stability, texture, flour usage and processing conditions.

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Waxy potato starch offers food manufacturers the key to excellent taste and texture differentiation. Eliane™ is a low-dosage, high viscosity starch that allows for higher quality end products. With Eliane™, we offer you a whole new technique for food preparation with superior functionality and never-before-seen expansion properties in texture formulation. 

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The multifunctional texturizing and gelling solution for smooth dairy based products. Etenia™ serves as a clean label fat substitute for milk, Protein or hydrocolloids whilst retaining flavour and creaminess. 

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Perfectabind™ is non-modified and non-GMO, and the need for carrageenan and/or phosphates can be made redundant, obtaining a cleaner label in the process.  To summarize, phosphate replacement without any compromise in texture

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Our potato protein PerfectaSOL® is unique in its kind providing excellent texturising functionality, like gelation and emulsification. Looking to replace animal proteins or E-number additives like methylcellulose? Develop with PerfectaSOL® the perfect plant-based more natural product with the right binding and bite.

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Paselli potato fibre is a highly functional, natural product derived from the potato. The special properties of the fibre provide the large water binding and fat binding capacities. In all cases they are of a non-GMO origin.

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